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Student of the Month 2018-2019

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Student of the Month 2018-2019

Each month, a student from each grade will be chosen by their teachers as the Student of the Month based on the following criteria:

Displays excellent character

Outstanding behavior

Positive attitude towards others/learning

Good citizenship throughout the year

Demonstrates responsibility

Respectful to peers/teachers

Follows classroom/school rules and expectations



                 5th Grade - Beth Senn              6th Grade - Angel De-Jesus Armenta


               7th Grade - Landon Isler                      8th Grade - Jacob Goss


















 5th Grade - Sydney Woodham             6th Grade - Landon Constable


      7th Grade - Jonah Tillman              8th Grade - Jennifer Cuppett




      5th Grade - Haley Myrick               6th Grade - Ashtyn Hulon


7th Grade - Madison Langford            8th Grade - Dawson Sconyers



5th Grade - Destin Rocha                      6th Grade - Shelby Tidwell


7th Grade - Jayvyn Robinson       8th Grade - Tanita Mosely



5th Grade - Parker Bowman           6th Grade - Larry Naovarath


7th Grade - Alexis Goldman       8th Grade - Dominic Vinson



5th Grade - Abigail Gulledge     6th Grade - Grayson Anderson


7th Grade - Elizabeth Macaloney 8th Grade - Leland Pacheco




5th Grade - Kimora Whittle           6th Grade - Aly Vinson


7th Grade - Laquita Jones                 8th Grade - Star Citlahua



   5th Grade - Brandon German        6th Grade - Amber Snyder


   7th Grade - Larisha Jones             8th Grade - Madison Brown



   5th Grade - Gary Culver                 6th Grade - Zakeria Copeland


7th Grade - Zy-Keria McCray       8th Grade - Dallas Hale