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Power of ICU

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Power Of ICU

For far too long, the academic process has been more about grading an assignment than learning a concept.  As a school system, we have decided to take back the educational process.  

Apathetic students are draining the life out of our teachers and administrators. Educators are being told to have “Higher Expectations” all while working with a growing number of students who have an energy shortage. Encouragement, rewards, punishment, and motivational speeches are supposed to help, but nothing is working. The “Power of the ICU” changes that.

For the past three years, over 20,000 educators have benefited from the Power of ICU.  Elementary, middle, and high schools in Tennesee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, and Ohio are seeing soaring graduation rates, and decreasing failure rates at an alarming pace.   Building a new culture takes time and dedication and we need your help.

You may have recently been contacted by our school concerning the ICU program.  By involving every parent, faculty, and staff member, we are dedicated to shifting our focus back to learning instead of grading.  TOGETHER, we can defeat student apathy and build a new culture where failure is not an option.

For more information on the Power of ICU program at South Dale Middle School, visit the Power of ICU website, or contact our school office at (334) 983-3077.