Matt Davis

5th Grade Math


Courses Taught:

5th Grade Math



This is beginning my 12th Year as a teacher in the Dale County School System. I love teaching and am blessed by God to have the gift to work with students while encouraging them to be better people and to know that they can make it through the worst times. I am very blessed to be a teacher to teach students and to influence them through inspiration of hope, faith, and belief to achieve the greatest things in life.  I have a wonderful wife and children and am also the co-youth pastor at our church. While I was active duty in the United States Air Force, I also worked as a substitute teacher.  I chose to volunteer as a music teacher at a military base school which had no funding for a regular music teacher. In 2006, I began driving the bus and substituting while acquiring my degree.  I completed short term substituting for two teachers at South Dale Middle School as well.  After obtaining my degree, I taught 2nd grade from January 2010-May 2010 at Midland City Elementary.  I also taught 4th grade for the year 2010-2011. In 2011, I was hired as a 5th English teacher at SDMS. In 2012 I transferred to math and have been teaching math since then. I also teach science.   I am the BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ Club) Sponsor and the SDNN (South Dale News Now) Sponsor. Please visit our Youtube Channel (SDNN Ch. 16) to see our news and daily announcements.  I look forward to a great and blessed year!!!

 "If you believe it, you can achieve it."

-Matt Davis



Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education-Troy University

Master of Science in Instructional Leadership-Troy University

Educational Specialist Degree in Instructional Leadership-University of West Alabama

Note to Students and Parents

Welcome to 5th Grade-We are sure to have the best year ever-because we have the best students ever!!!!

I am excited to be teaching Math as my core subject this year.  There are many new things to learn-but with learning comes dedication and hard work.  

As we "rock" out this awesome year, please remember that I am always here for any questions/concerns at ANYTIME.  Have a blessed year!!!!!!!!

Parents and students, if there is ever a concern or question, please feel free to ask me via email, remind, note, or in person.  I believe in open communication and appreciate any thoughts, concerns, or questions to come to me so that I may help you. 

Also, please visit and subscribe to the SDNN Channel 16 on YouTube for the latest and greatest at South Dale Middle School through our newscasts!

My classroom rules are:

  • Be respectful
  • Be resourceful
  • Be responsible

Classroom Discipline:

  • 1st time: warning
  • 2nd time: Parent Notification
  • 3rd time: lunch/break/after school detention
  • 4th time: lunch/break/after school detention
  • 5th time: referral to the office

We hope these measures never have to be taken.  Thank you in advance for your support in our classroom rules so that all students have accurate opportunities for the greatest potential in learning. All learning is imperative and disruptions to others or themselves impedes this availability for learning.  We want students to have fun learning, but we also want their focus and attention centered on classroom instruction. Thank you again parents and students alike!

"If you believe it, you can achieve it."

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