Student of the Month (2020-2021)

Each month, a student from each grade will be chosen by their teachers as the Student of the Month based on the following criteria:

Displays excellent character

Outstanding behavior

Positive attitude towards others/learning

Good citizenship throughout the year

Demonstrates responsibility

Respectful to peers/teachers

Follows classroom/school rules and expectations       

August 2020

5th Grade: Evie Wilkins

6th Grade: Emma Rhoden

7th Grade: Addison Stoves

8th Grade: Tante'nia Williams

students of the month

October 2020

5th Grade: Luis Hernandez

6th Grade: Christopher Griffin

7th Grade: Tytianna Smith

8th Grade: MaLeah Bond

students of the month

December 2020

5th Grade: Hunter Hart

6th Grade: Savien Hammonds

7th Grade: Dareion Warren

8th Grade: Hayden Adams

February 2021

5th Grade: Oliver Sellaro

6th Grade: Michael Snellgrove

7th Grade: Averie Hegpeth

8th Grade: Hayes Bass

students of the month

April 2021

5th Grade: Dylan Floyd

6th Grade: Sabella Wise

7th Grade: Brady Lewis

8th Grade: Amber Snyder

April Students of the Month

September 2020

5th Grade: Mah'Xariah Andrews

6th Grade: Emma Rhoden

7th Grade: Cole Anderson

8th Grade: Izaiah Griffin

students of the month

November 2020

5th Grade: Kezia Evans

6th Grade: Kaliayah Banks

7th Grade: Samare Wright

8th Grade: Aidan Spotts

students of the month

January 2021

5th Grade: Rebecca Baker

6th Grade: Allie Buckelew

7th Grade: Logan Suggs

8th Grade: Zykeria Copeland

students of the month

March 2021

5th Grade: Chloe Doughtie

6th Grade: Olivia Rabon

7th Grade: Ryan Smail

8th Grade: Grayson Anderson

May 2021

5th Grade: Mary Frost

6th Grade: Rylee Taylor

7th Grade: Summer Edwards

8th Grade: Jazmin Citlahua

May Students of the Month